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Ryan McNeelyRyan McNeely 

How to pick licenses

I'm on a low budget project, creating a site where Consultants can login and input their Expenses and Hours Worked.

How do I decide between Sites and Communities, both from a use case stand-point and from a cost perspective?

The company already has SFDC. I'll be adding 5 custom objects which the Consultant will be interacting with via a few VF pages I create.
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ryan,

May I suggest you please refer the below link for reference. hope it will be helpful.

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Rahul Kumar

Force.com sites are leveraged to offer public, unauthenticated content or web pages to a wider audience over the internet. Hence, if you would want to have your organization's website create and hosted, or have a general Fiscal Quarter financial report to be published publicly, you can leverage Force.com sites to do so. Since it is public, you need to be careful while exposing custom pages that display your Salesforce data and need to be careful about the security.

Force.com Sites are public and any user doing so uses a Site Guest User License which is available by default. Morevoer, users interacting using Force.com Sites have restrictions on the kind of data they have access to i.e. they cannot update Accounts or Contact records and need to be authenticated which means having a separate license, to do so.

Communities in general, are groups of associates whose nature of interaction with your organization's business is transactional. So in general, you can consider them as the Elite Ones as compared to the general internet audience but may need to have access to only certain content.
Typical use cases for Community implementations, would be to
  • Provide a portal for your Channel Sales Partners to be able to log prospects and opportunities which your Sales team can further pursue and to look at their sales commissions reports. 
  • Provide your existing customers with a self servcie portal to log cases that require support or assistance while using your products and servcies.
Refer this help article (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=users_license_types_communities.htm&type=0) to understand more about Community Licenses within Salesforce.

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