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Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni 

hard coded reference for HTML Template before Instance refresh

I need help to upadate hard-coded reference in email template due to instance refresh.
Should I save all images before refresh and upload back after refresh ? when I need to change hard coded reference in email-template before or after refresh ?
if anyone can help me in this, my instance is scheduled on Sunday, September 17.

Assuming you are trying to refresh your sandbox instance. You need to save your work before the refresh and then upload it back after refresh.
Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni
no it's not sandbox, it's in production. Salesforce scheduled my instance refresh on Sunday, Sep 17.
I want to make sure that hard-coded reference in HTML email template works after refresh. But how can I update HTML code in email template.
that's what I want to know.
Hi, In that case, you need to take a back up before the upgrade occurs. Also please go through the following link for best practices and to avoid hard coding references etc... https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=Instance-Refresh-Maintenance-FAQ&language=en_US&type=1 Hope this helps ...!!