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Veena Sundara-HeraguVeena Sundara-Heragu 

Trailhead superbadge Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist challenge error GRCFDTCC

When I check challenge #7 of this superbadge, i see the following error:
User-added image
I am using a new DE org and do not wish to repeat everything I just did for this badge.  Please help!
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Veena,

Sorry for this issue you are encountering.

May I request you please confirm if you are using a brand new developer org for validating the challenge?

If you are using a brand new developer org then please double check that your org doesn't have a namespace enabled.

Still, if the problem persists log out of all accounts and log in once again in a different browser by clearing the cache and cookies which should probably do the trick.

Please let us know if this helps.

Mark this as solved if it;s resolved.

Veena Sundara-HeraguVeena Sundara-Heragu
Hi Nagendra,
I was on a new dev org and on step 7 of teh challenge when this happened.  I deleted my report and dashboards and created them again and that seemed to get rid of the error.
Thanks for your help