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Leah MorganLeah Morgan 

Validation Rule to only work with inline editing

Hello!  I hope I am conveying this correctly, please feel free to ask me if the below is confusing!

We use ServiceMax in our org to manage cases/etc.  SM comes with it's own suite of buttons that the techs are supposed to use to change the status on their cases.  However, since the inline editting for the 'Status' feild on cases cannot be easily turned off, they were just using the inline edit instead of the SFM buttons from SM to change the status.  

I can't have them doing this however as their are triggers which activate off of the buttons, that don't activate when using inline editting.  I wrote a validation rule to stop them and display a friendly reminder to use the SFM buttons, however I need a way to make an exception to the rule when they use the SFM buttons.  Right now this is my rule:
AND($Profile.Name = 'SVMX-BR-Service User', ISCHANGED(Status))

I need to add some sort of exception so that it does let the users modify the value of the status feild if they are doing through the SFM buttons...any ideas?  Is there a way to clarify that only inline editting should be locked down?

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Thanks in advance!
karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

you want to lock down all fields inline editing or some spacific field? 

Leah MorganLeah Morgan
I need to lock down inline editing of the status field. If you look above there is an example of the validation rule I have created so far, but it completely locks the field down, so that it cannot be edited through the ServiceMax SFMs too. Best, Leah Morgan Development Specialist