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Rebekah Castillo 7Rebekah Castillo 7 

Deploying page layouts with user profiles


I have created custom fields, page layouts & one user profile in my Sandbox. I have then deployed these changes (via a Change Set) to my Production Org.

The issue that I am having is that the custom page layouts are only visible for the user profile I had included in my Change Set. For all other user profiles the new custom page layouts are not visable.

I have verified that the custom page layouts are assigned to all user profiles in my Production Org and a high level comparison of my Sandbox & Production Org show the 2 seem identical.

Should I have included all user profiles in my Sandbox into the Change Set? What can I do now to allow the custom Page Layouts to display for all user profiles in my Production Org?

Note: I have also tried to Save As the custom page layout in my Production Org as a 'Copy of...' and assgined it to all user profiles, but this disn't work either.

Thanks in advance

You can check for the following things.

1. Have you added new fields which have been added to the Page Layouts? If not, then those need to be deployed along with the Page Layouts.

2. Do you have RecordTypes for the object in Production, for which the Page Layouts are deployed?  If yes, have you checked if the Page Layouts have been assigned to the respective Record Types?

3. Does the User account accessing the respective Page Layout, have appropriate Field Level Security to view the fields added to the Page Layout. If not, you will need to explicitly provide Read permissions to view the fields added to the Page Layout.

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Rebekah Castillo 7Rebekah Castillo 7
Thank you for your response.

Please see my response to your questions. below
1. All custom fields were deployed at the same time.
2. There are Record Types set as active by default however I have confirmed that the Page Layout Assigned is the custom layout I require.
3. I am viewing as a System Admin.

When I Preview the page layout as a particular user the only user profile that displays the layout correctly is the custom profile I deployed in my change set. All other standard Salesforce profiles do not display the layout.

Are there any other options I can try to resolve the issue?

Are there any Permission Sets that exist on production and have you provided the respective Users with necessary permissions from those Permission Sets?
Rebekah CastilloRebekah Castillo
No Permission Sets have been assigned. This is a new Org that I am getting ready for implenmentation which will go live in about 4weeks.
Rebekah CastilloRebekah Castillo
Issue related to Field Level Security for the User Profiles. Thank you for taking the time to assist.
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