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Marcel dos SantosMarcel dos Santos 

Live Agent Visitor IP

We have a custom live agent implementation in our appilcation.
The chat window from our application sends messages to our application server. Our application server then, sends the REST requests to the Live Agent REST API server configured in our Salesforce instance.

We are trying to block some visitors by IP and that seems to be pretty easy to do in Salesforce. The problem is that as we have our application server sending the REST API requests to Salesforce, the visitor IP we have in the chat requests are always our application server's IP, not the actual visitor IP.

I tried to change that the X-Forwarded-For header, but Salesforce ignores that.

Is there any way to specify the visitor's IP address when sending a new chat REST API request to Salesforce? I checked the documentation and couldn't find anything about it.

Thank you.

Prerna LuthraPrerna Luthra

Hi, We are running into the same issue. Was wondering if you ever found a solution to this? Thanks!

Omkar Kinikar 12Omkar Kinikar 12
Hi Prerna - We you able to find a solution for this?