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Experiencing issues after Winter 18.

We are experiencing some issues after Winter 18. I am not sure whether they are particular to our project or know issues.  Any help on below issues woule  greatly appreciated. 

Issue # 1:
We have noticed that some of our custom css classes are getting overridden with app.css and because of that our UI screens are getting distored.  

One more issue is that whenever we do code changes through developer console , changes are not getting updated immediately at UI. We suppose to refresh the browser multiple times to see the updated change. It's really effecting our developement time.  This is not the case before winter18.

I have also been facing the second issue .
Pankaj MehraPankaj Mehra

After Summer'18 version enhancements, we are experiencing a bit of change in look and feel of SF1 custom page. We're currently considering following as an intended change
  1. Compact Font
  2. Additional lines in the Display panel.
  3. Addition of Favorite and Search icon.
We want to confirm that if anyone is facing the changed UI experience after current release.