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Radhika Pawar 12Radhika Pawar 12 

Want to display parameters in single table from multiple lists based on common parameter

I have two lists which are populated by REST Response.First list is List<Business> Abc and second is List<Sales> xyz.
1)List<Busiess> Abc have below parameters
2)List<Sales> xyz have below parameters:

AccountNumber is a common value in Both list.

I want to display the single table with account number and Its repective parameters from both lists (BusinessStatus,BusinessDescrib,salesStatus and salesDesc)
Gaurav Jain 7Gaurav Jain 7

Use Wrapper class as below:

List<SampleWrapperclass> pqrwrap have below parameters:

Busiess abcobj;
Sales xyzobj;
String Accountnumber;

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Radhika Pawar 12Radhika Pawar 12
Hi Gaurav,

can you please provide me similar example ?
Gaurav Jain 7Gaurav Jain 7
Hi Radhika,

Please check below link:


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