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Mohan Krishnan 1Mohan Krishnan 1 

How to change the readability settings of Custom tab without using permission sets

I have created a custom tab using REST API and i manually create a permission set in my dev account and access the readability settings of the tab. But in SalesforceIQ starter plan permission sets are not available, how do i change the readability settings of custom tab in this case?
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
I don't know anything about SalesforceIQ, but if this is just your dev account, then I don't think anyone would mind if you gave yourself access to that tab at the profile level. Standard profiles will even allow you to change tab settings. Just navigate to your profile, click edit (I'm assuming you have the permission to do this), and it'll be under the Tab Settings section. First, it'll list the Standard Tabs, next it'll list Custom Tabs. Find your tab and set it to Default On. That'll allow you to see the tab. If you still don't see it after that, check your personal customization settings then.

Hope this helps,