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Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39 

Remove standard edit hyperlink from list views to force use of custom edit button

I have created a on click java button that will replace the standard 'Edit' button.  This is due to integration locking users out of records when conducting updates from another system.  The purpose of the button is to tick a custom field that the integration has a set condition to ignore row if custom field = true.  Then I have a timebased workflow remove the tick in 1 hour incase the user forgets.  This allows my users to modify records and not get errors or lose work if they save during or after integration runs for the same record.

Here is my challenge, i need to if possible direct the users to have to use the custom button.  I can remove the standard edit button from detail page and replace with my custom one which is fine, I can turn off inline editing so thats fine.

What I cant do is..... remove the 'Edit' link in list views.  anyone have a workaround or suggestion?
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

Enable Action Links (Edit & Del) to be hidden on ListViews and Related Lists​ : IMPOSSIBLE

Jeff May "If a User has permissions to Edit an Opportunity, you can't hide the links.   You noted that the Users must be able to Edit Opportunities, but you don't want them to be able to Edit Opportunities.  That's a little confusing." 

The only solution is a Visualforce page just for this list included into the standard layout.

Customize Related Lists using VisualForce and Apex:
Since a standard related list cannot be customized, you'll need to create a custom related list using Visualforce and embed it into the Page Layout. This can be done by querying and displaying the related records, then creating a custom action which takes the input from the User and updates the related records. Learn how you can accomplish these steps using the example below.