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J DoveJ Dove 

Error deploying QuickAction using Ant – creating child campaign record

Hi there,

I am trying to use Ant to deploy metadata and I'm running across an error that I cannot for life of me resolve. I get this error when trying to deploy a QuickAction:
Error: Target object does not have a valid lookup or master-detail reference to the parent object
The QuickAction just creates a child Campaign object. I get the exact same metadata set up when I create a QuickAction in the UI and then pull down the metadata. The relevant portion of the metadata looks thusly:
Clearly Campaign has a lookup to itself. I've double-checked permissions to make sure my user has access to it, which it does. I can't think of anything else to look for and the Internet has been no help, so far. I'd appreciate any guidance.

Thank you!
Thaddeus Ward 2Thaddeus Ward 2
I have the same problem with a change set.  Any ideas.
Akshay MohanAkshay Mohan
Check if the user which is being used to do the deployment has the "Marketing User" checkbox set to true. That solved the issue for me.
Jonathan SpinkJonathan Spink
I've got this error today - anyone get an answer to this?