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Michal SkrbekMichal Skrbek 

CORS issue when saving visualforce page origin https in trailhead playground

Hi all, hope you may be able to help. :-) I am getting this message on trailhead: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Could not find a CORS whitelist entry for the chat window. When I go to CORS and try to save the whitelist entry, it does not allow me to save... Hence the issue. Please help. Thanks, Michal
Kent Robert CoughlinKent Robert Coughlin
I am running across the same error.  It will not save anything in that field.  
Kent Robert CoughlinKent Robert Coughlin
I switched from Safari to Chome and was able to complete the challenge.  Perhaps try a different browser.   
Bill DodsonBill Dodson
I know this is old thread but I found this on a search because I had the same issue.  I was using Internet Explorer and when I hit the Save button no error message, the whitelist entry was not saved, and I was still on the edit screen, no error message?  Switch to using Chrome on he same computer and it worked the first time.
Nitesh J 6Nitesh J 6
Thanks Bill and Kent - that perfectly helped. Firefox and IE (incl Edge) would no work; Chrome worked perfectly