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Scott Shapiro 27Scott Shapiro 27 

Outbound messaging retry disabling?

Hi all, 

I have an outbound message that calls a webhook and turns on a Philips Hue smart light, everything works fine however the problem is that even though the message actually goes through just fine and the light turns on (outbound message via WF rule when Opp is created, sends message to an IFTTT webhook), SF thinks that the message failed (it's a .net error that I personally can't debug as it's so broad) thus puts the message back in the outbound queue, and continuously sends the message until I delete it manually. 

Is there a way to automate the deletion of the outbound message queue? I searched everywhere and the only thing relevant I found was setting up a macro. I'd rather not do this but would prefer to use some APEX or something else. Any help is appreciated, thanks!