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Rajeesh vrRajeesh vr 

Get No such column error for look up field for create record SF API POST

I am using existing create object record SF API (/services/data/v20.0/sobjects/{object_name}) for inserting an object record from Angular js. I am able to insert all the filelds except a couple of look up fields. For these fileds I am getting the following error. 

[{"message":"No such column 'Map_Product__c' on sobject of type invoice_finance_deal__c","errorCode":"INVALID_FIELD"}]

The strange thing the insert is working another look up filed and I am not able to identify the difference in configuration between these fields. I have checked the field level security and field level accessibility and those are same for both of these fields. I have even tried with "Map_Product__r" and "Map_Product__r.Id" but no success. 
Can anyone point out what I am missing? 
Gokula KrishnanGokula Krishnan
Hi Rajeesh,

Could you check again in your custom object "invoice_finance_deal__c" the field "Map_Product__c" API name is correct and is available.

Rajeesh vrRajeesh vr
Yes, found the issue. The look up objet permission was not there. Tricky one. 
Gokula KrishnanGokula Krishnan

Great Rajeesh.