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Sarah JohnsonSarah Johnson 

Salesforce1 Security and Compliance: Monitor and Manage Salesforce1 Usage

Trail:  Transform Your Business with Mobile
Unit: Salesforce1 Security and Compliance
Module: Monitor and Manage Salesforce1 Usage

I am unable to complete the Challenge in this module.  Either I'm doing something wrong, or there is a bug.  There are other forum posts about this issue, but no viable answers yet.  

The Challenge:
"End your current Salesforce1 session. To pass this challenge, block all users' access to the Salesforce1 for iOS app or the Salesforce1 for Android app."​

Steps that I took to complete challenge:
1. Create a new trailhead playground (for a fresh baseline)
2. Go to Connected Apps OAuth Usage (under Setup) and confirm no users connected via Salesforce1 iOS App
3. On iPhone, log in to Salesforce1 (successfully)
4. Back under Setup as an admin, refresh and confirm that 1 user connected via Salesforce1 iOS App 
5. Click "Block" next to iOS App and confirm the action, then confirm that 0 users are now connected to iOS App (so, should've killed me users session)
6. Confirm on mobile that I am kicked out of App (successful) 
7. Go back to Trailhead and click "Check Challenge"

It doesn't appear that you've blocked all users' access to either the Salesforce1 for iOS or Salesforce1 for Android app. Please check again.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or is this a bug? 

Thank you 
Hello Sarah,
I have the same problem... I think that this is due to the fact the name of the app has changed for Android & IOS (Salesforce instead of Salesforce1).
Víctor LópezVíctor López
Agree with Minkesh Jaheraly
Yuliana Westover 9Yuliana Westover 9
Hi, were you guys able to pass this challenge? I am getting the same error message today.