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Dave WickardDave Wickard 

Approval Workflows Update the "Last Modified By" field

We have a two step approval process... and subsequent to the first step of approval  -  the article now reflects a "Last Modified By" and "Last Modified Date" value associated with the APPROVER rather than the person who submitted.

Since articles can be updated and then submitted by anyone at any time, I can't really utilize the "Creator" value. This would seem to be a common  issue, but I don't see any suggestions. I was thinking I'd just quietly cache the values prior to the approval - but surely theres a more convenient way of doing this.
Hi Dave,

This is the actual functionality that whenever a record is approved, recall or rejected. It is modified with the approver name as there are many background process running on this record. 

If you want to maintain the person who submitted the record, follow below process:
  • Create another field just a Last Modified Date and Last modified By. 
  • Update these fields in trigger everytime if record is unlocked, else do not update. 

This will give you the value who has last submitted it. 

Hope this helps!!!


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Dave WickardDave Wickard
Thanks Guarav, yeah, thats the only way I could see doing it as well. I was hoping I just overlooked a simple checkbox or something.
Thanks for your answer.
as of now Salesforce do not provide any other alternative. So we need to implement using this scenario which is best as of now.