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Shivani KalsiShivani Kalsi 

how to create address field with address datatype in custom object?

hi Shivani,
   Unfortunately the "Address" field is something special in Salesforce such that you can't create something like that and have it behave exactly like that in the User interface of custom object. 
   You could however create individual text fields that would contain the address, city, state and zip codes.

i hope it helps you.
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Hi All,

There is no updates and hope we need to wait some more time. upvote and add the comments to salesforce team to look back.

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Sakthivel Madesh
Praveen PyatiPraveen Pyati


In 2020 still we don't have Adress element, i feel like this needs to be added soon to the list by salesforce, & till that we can use text element to create our own custom Address field in any custom object.

Hopefully it's coming soon. Add a new Standard field type: Address (https://trailblazer.salesforce.com/ideaview?id=08730000000BrVWAA0)
Brian ColemanBrian Coleman
Coming Winter 23' release