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Derek Patrick DayaDerek Patrick Daya 

Display Text Field when a Multiselect Picklist Value is selected.

Hi Everyone,

I am currently facing difficulty on adding a new functionality in my Visualforce Page. The VF page I've created is working as expected and it display multi-select picklist values as checkbox. Now a new improvement has been requested where is if a value in a multi select picklist is selected/checked then it should display a text field.

I was able to make it work without converting multi-select picklist as checkbox and adding <apex:actionRegion> and <apex:actionSupport> on my visualforce page but when I convert the multi-select picklist to checkbox it did not rerendered after marking a value as checked.

Thank you everyone for your help!

Gokula KrishnanGokula Krishnan
Hi Derek,

Refer this: https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/18529/rendering-section-if-checkbox-is-unchecked

Can you provide your code, if you need further clarification.


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