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Philipp MathisPhilipp Mathis 

Oppty Split amounts saved to custom field?

Hello Community

I've installed opportunity splits. We have 3 main KPI's (services, bookings, rfy ->see attachment) where we do the split on.
Now I'd like to push the calculated split amount on those 3 KPI's into a custom field and save it there. So I can report on those "splitted KPI's" and not only on the total splitted amount.

Many thanks for your help,

Prakash NawalePrakash Nawale
Hi Phillipp,

You can save splited amount to custom fields. there are many ways we can achive.
1. Create Process Builder/Workflow and do field update
2. Write custom trigger to put values

Please let me know if you need any further assistance
Philipp MathisPhilipp Mathis
Ok, I will try this out. So there is no way around creating custom fields?
How to write the formula? triggers?