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Laura BejjaniLaura Bejjani 

Creating a Relashionship With Custom Object

I'm trying to accomplish the following. A case has a Start Date/time and End Date/time, and a Server field. A custom Incident Object also has an Incident Name, Start Date/time and End Date/time and Server field. After those fields are filled out and the case is saved. I would like a url to any icidents that happened on the same server, and date/time.  
I created a custom object called Incident. The incident object . I added a Server drop down in the Case object. I want to create a relashionship ship between Case and Incident based on the Server field. When I create the lookup, it shows the Incident Name. I want it to show the Server. When a Case is created, the Server field is not always known so I can't make it a required field. Is it possible to create that kind of relashionship and how? Is it possible to create the url field in the case object? If not, is it possible to create a count of related incidents? There isn't always a relashionship between the two, it depends on the server. 
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Laura, Let us know if it helps.

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Rahul Kumar
Laura BejjaniLaura Bejjani
Hi Rahul, 

Thank you but this didn't help. The relashionship I'm trying to build between the Case and Incident Objects is a little more complicated. 
A Case may or may not have an incident. An Incident may or may not have any cases. If a Case has an Incident I don't want the lookup to show the Incident Name I want it to show the Server (another field in the incident object). Think of it this way. Incidents will keep track of server crashes. A server crash can cause an disruption in service and the customer can create a case with their problem. When a tech support person looks at the case, I want them to be able to see if any incidents happened at that time.