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How to set up a Custom URL for Site?

Hello everyone,
Despite having read dozen posts on the blog, I can't configure my custom URL for my site.  What I want to do is I believe 100% standard. I might have a glitch somewhere. I have only one site. My site URL in the SITES main page is: http://ccnus.force.com/ for a site named CCNUSSITE.
I have one VF page for that site named  CNHelGen
Then in the CCNUSSITE detail page, the 'Require Secure Connections (HTTPS)' checkbox is checked. See CCNUSSITE detail page in link:  http://www.classiccarnetwork.eu/0DEV/CCNUS-CCNUSSITE1.jpg
I have 2 'standard' Custom URL for that site (which I guess are created by SFDC):
- ccnus.force.com, which does not allow to access the site because no HTTPS: Eg: https://ccnus.secure.force.com/CNHelgen returns SSL error,
- ccnus.secure.force.com: which allows to access the page on the site. Eg: https://ccnus.secure.force.com/CNHelGen  works fine.
Now, I want to replace the ‘ccnus.secure.force.com’ by my custom domain:  ‘classiccarnetwork.org’ so that CNHelGen page can be accessed by ‘classiccarnetwork.org/CNHelGen’
As of now, there are pages published under classiccarnetwork.org, but they will be removed.  The goal is for CCNUSSITE pages to replace all the classiccarnetwork.org content.
I have created a custom domain ‘classiccarnetwork’ and I have created the Custom URL ‘classiccarnetwork’ to link CCNUSSITE with this custom domain. See links  below.
My understanding is that now ‘classiccarnetwork/CNHelGen’  should display my former https://ccnus.secure.force.com/CNHelGen  page. Am I correct? It does not. https://classiccarnetwork.org/CNHelGen  returns nothing.
What also puzzles me is that:
1. from the CCNUSSITE detail page,  ‘Active Site Home Page’ CNHelGen [Preview]  returns https://classiccarnetwork--c.eu3.visual.force.com/apex/CNHelGen    Why does this return this strange URL?
2. 'Preview as Admin' of the classiccarnetwork.org Custom URL returns the link http://classiccarnetwork.org//sites/servlet.SiteDebugMode?sitedebugmode=z&rand=16066   which returns the 'error' in the link below
I guess that you understand by now that I am lost. Thanks in advance for your support.
Best regards,
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
May I suggest you please refer the below link for reference. Hope it will be helpful.

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Rahul Kumar
Hello Rahul,
Thanks for the quick reply. This is one of the first links / articles I read and I indeed created my custom URL.  But it does not help. My situation, if I understand it correctly is:
- my custom site 'classiccarnetwork.org' is created and is deployed,  It is recognized/aknowledge by SFDC.
- my custom URL linked to that domain is created (but I am not sure about its path) and it is the site custom primary URL,
So my understanding is that the 'redirection' explained above should work. It does not. I am missing something.
Do you have any idea what I am missing? What is wrong above? Something obviously is (maybe the way I undestand the whole thing).
Can you explain to me the strange URL in the picture below that leads nowhere that I get when I do 'Preview as admin' on my custom URL?
What should be the correct 'Preview URL' format?
Thanks again for your help,
Hello either Rahul or anyone reading,
Could someone be kind enough to look at this further? I am still have not figure it out and I do need this. There is something that I guess I do not understand. Thanks again for your support in putting me on the right track.
vaibhav singh 54vaibhav singh 54
Hi FastSnail, How you finally achieved it? Could you please share...Thanks