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James KeyJames Key 

Lightning Experience Customization #3 No "Check Challenge"

Lightning Experience Customization
#3 -- Create and Customize List Views
I have completed the Unit but there is no Check Challenge button or Launch Area. It also shows as incomplete in my profile. 
What can I do to fix this?
Paul SweckerPaul Swecker
I am also having the same issue.  I want to complete the Admin Beginner trail, but cannot..
Andrew Pankin 4Andrew Pankin 4
I'm having the same issue.  Last challenge to complete on the trail.
Jason Peters 2Jason Peters 2
96%... so close
Ruchika BishtRuchika Bisht
Agree, please update the challenge for the module 'Create and Customize List Views'.
Peter LinesPeter Lines
Yep also affected, that 96% is giving me a conniption
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
We're aware of the issue and working to resolve. Hope to have it resolved by the end of the weekend. There is no workaround, so you'll need to wait until the challenge is restored in order to earn the badge. Our apologies for the trouble.
Andrew Pankin 4Andrew Pankin 4
Thanks Chris
Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur
The Module is back live. Check and Complete. @cris Thanks.