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WDCi NatWDCi Nat 

Trailhead "Create and Customize List Views" Challenge isn't available in my view

I'm trying to completed the Lightning Experience Customization Trail but the module for "Create and Customize List Views" has a listed link for a Challenge, but there's nothing at the bottom of the page?

List Views Challenge

I've logged out and logged back in, and tried in Chrome and Firefox.  When I check other Modules, I can see/click on the Challenge, but I'm getting nothing for this one, which means I can't complete the Trail.

Can anyone help?  
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Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur
The Module is back live. Check and Complete. @cris Thanks. 

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WDCi NatWDCi Nat
Thanks for replying so quickly, Piyush.  The "Submit Feedback" link on that Module isn't working for me either, which is why I had to post here.  I'll just keep checking back...hopefully it's fixed soon!!  Cheers. Nat
akash kilaruakash kilaru
I am facing the same issue with the challenge, Please let me know when can this be resolved?
Jawad BelhadjJawad Belhadj
Yesterday, I finished the trail Admin Beginner and this norming ... I'm at 96%! But in my profile, I've still 3 trails completed.
The module "Lightning Experience Customization" is completed (I've the green check) but not completed (85%) ...
And no challenge for the unit "Create and Customize List Views" ...

I will wait for next week ...
Julie HardyJulie Hardy
I also have the same issue with the List View Challenge - and i have completed the challenge but the Units page indicates that it is not yet complete.
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
We're aware of the issue with the missing challenge and hope to resolve by late this weekend. Our apologies for the trouble.
Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur
The Module is back live. Check and Complete. @cris Thanks. 
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WDCi NatWDCi Nat
Thanks Kamal - that's all working now