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punuru kirankumarpunuru kirankumar 

how to retrieve records depending upon date field

Hi All,
I have requirement where i need to get the no of records depending upon on a date field.
For Example: If iam creating a new record with date field as 11/3/2017 then in that record there is a field callled total records in that field need to set how many  records created in the month of the above date .
Any one has idea on this.
prateek jainprateek jain
You want the record of a particular object like Account, Contact or you want record created in your  Org.
punuru kirankumarpunuru kirankumar
I have a custom object created in my org ..By using that date field i need to know how records created already  in that month.
prateek jainprateek jain
which object  record you want