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Christopher OwensChristopher Owens 

How to change the behavior of clicking on Report in a Dashboard

The default behaviour of clicking on a report in a dashboard in our instance runs the report again instead of showing the report at the time the dashboard was last refreshed.

For example: I have a dashboard which is scheduled to run at midnight every night but when trying to open the results by clicking on the section in the dashboard it runs it again and displays new data.

Is there a way to change this behaviour so that clicking on the report in the dashboard displays the historic data instead of displaying the new data?


If you go to the dashboard itself, you will see a 'Refresh ' button along with a drop-down attached. If you click the drop-down and select 'Schedule Refresh' at the bottom you will find 'Unschedule Refresh'.  Delete existing dashboard auto refresh schedule. Should solve your problem.