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Shannon Andreas 30Shannon Andreas 30 

There was an error converting the lead. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact your administrator.

Thisis the error I am getting when trying to convert a lead. No reason, just this error. I have checked required fields and mappings and everything seems to check out. I have checked that record type is not Master for the profile. There are no validations or process builders or workflows or flows causing the problem. These are all web-to-lead with the same lead source and what we call lead source detail.

This should be simple. I am trying to convert a lead to an existing account, not creating an oppty. So, basically I am creating a new contact on the Account.
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Was not sure where to categorize this, let me know if you have a better place for it.

Shawn Reichner 29Shawn Reichner 29
Can you go into Lead settings and remove the checkbox to run validations and etc?  Then try to convert your lead again.  If it goes through, then you have a validation rule or some other rule that is being fired and stopping the conversion.  If this does convert fine after uncheckign that box in lead setting, you could also have a mismatch on picklisk field values between Lead and Accoutn or lead and contact or lead and opportunity.  I was hit by that before and took a while to figure out. 

Let us know if thsi helps!

Shannon Andreas 30Shannon Andreas 30
Unchecked the box already. Checked picklist values but can’t seem to find an issue. I will have to do side by side matches ugghh Thanks, Shannon Andreas
Ajeeth Kumar SAjeeth Kumar S

Please Checked the Require Validation for Converted Leads checkbox in Lead Setting.