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Kyler MarkleKyler Markle 

Excluding a value based on two different fields

Hi, I was looking to update my sales pipeline to not include those opportunities that are STAGE: Demo 1 and STATUS: Scheduled, as they haven't occured yet.

As it is, my reporting is currently like this;
User-added image
This categorizes opportunities according to the stage they're in, but I want to exclude those that are in First Demo that have an additional custom field on them called "Status" with the value "Scheduled", because right now they're skewing my numbers and making it look like I have lots of opportunities sitting in demo 1 when they've moved down my sales process.

Any help appreciated!
Should be able to do that with the report filters.
1. Your other filters
2. status != 'Scheduled'
3. stage != 'First Demo'

1 AND (2 AND 3)

Kyler MarkleKyler Markle
Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure how to do that; specifically the "1 AND (2 AND 3)" type logic.  I'm sure it's something very simple that I'm missing; all my report fields are always just "AND" and I can't see any way to edit them.
Kyler MarkleKyler Markle
So I now do have the filter logic 1 AND (2 AND 3) but it isn't working; it removes all opportunities that are in First Demo, as well as all that are Scheduled, regardless of what status they are in First Demo, or what Stage they are if they're scheduled.

Attached is a screenshot of how I have the report;

User-added image

I would have thought this would fix it, but alas it does not.

Thank you for trying, though
If this is a simple Opportunity report adjusting criteria 2 and 3 to be 'equals' and then updating the filter logic to 1 AND NOT (2 AND 3) should resolve the issue. 

Report results

If there are other objects referenced in the report it could be more complex.