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Leandro Carvalho HotmailLeandro Carvalho Hotmail 

The Challenge don't show and I need of only of this to close the "Admin Beginner"

I need only to do the challenge of:
The Challenge don't show at the end and I need of only of this to close the "Admin Beginner":
Need to complete
Brian StoiberBrian Stoiber
This happened to me as well. I think this is an issue on SF's end, not ours. I know of a couple others that are experiencing this right now. 
Emile SteenkampEmile Steenkamp
This happens to me too. It seems the challenge is missing.
Stuart McClainStuart McClain
Yeah - IM having the same problem - and this module shows up in 2 trails I was trying to complete.
I attempted to Provide Feedback - but when I click on the link it just reopens the page - I cannot find anyway so far to notify Salesforce
Ruchika BishtRuchika Bisht
This issue is fixed. I have completed the module.