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Derek Patrick DayaDerek Patrick Daya 

VF Test Class - Add option to multiselect picklist and returned selected

Hi All,

Hope someone could help me! I have written a test class but it only has 25% code coverage and upon checking on Developer Console, the part of my class that is not yet covered is the function that makes a multi-select picklist field appear as a checkbox on my visualforce page. As of now I don't have any idea on how I can add multiselect picklist values to display and get the selected value on the test class. Can someone please help me on this? Thank you!

Test Class: -
             PageReference pageRef2 = Page.DD_SurveyFormENNoimeTYPage;
            //i have 2 more landing pages that gets selected based on the value placed on language__c hidden field on VF page
            //how do i add an if to set pageref2 value based on the value on language__c
            PageReference pageRef1 = Page.DD_SurveyFormEN_Noime;
            ApexPages.StandardController dc = new ApexPages.StandardController(sf);
            DerekSurveyFormNoime JobExCon = new DerekSurveyFormNoime(dc);
            //how to display here the options for multiselect picklist and return selected option


Here is the part of my class that converts multiselect picklist to a checkbox: -

public List<SelectOption> MPOptions {
     get {
       List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
       for( Schema.PicklistEntry f : DD_Survey_Form__c.What_is_your_preferred_commucation__c.getDescribe().getPicklistValues()) {
         options.add(new SelectOption(f.getValue(), f.getLabel()));
       return options;
    public String[] MPItems { 
     get {
        String[] selected = new List<String>();
        List<SelectOption> sos = this.MPOptions;
        for(SelectOption s : sos) {
        if (this.sf.What_is_your_preferred_commucation__c !=null && this.sf.What_is_your_preferred_commucation__c.contains(s.getValue()))
        return selected;
     }public set {
        String selectedCheckBox = '';
        for(String s : value) {
         if (selectedCheckBox == '') 
           selectedCheckBox += s;
         else selectedCheckBox += ';' + s;
        sf.What_is_your_preferred_commucation__c = selectedCheckBox;