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Sites with hidden parameters transfer via url

Hi All,

I have an requirement where i need to have two forms shared to client so that they can use them in thier internal website in iframe etc something like an contact form etc where i will be receiving basic information for record insertion. one form will have customobject.souce = a and othe form will have customobject.souce = b.
I  have created two sites, two vf pages and two classes where i had coded in class such that when user enteres data in first site url,the souce will be a and when user enteres data in second site url the source willl be b. 
i am thinking to merge them in one site url, where i can use the hidden fileds and pass the value to class for different souce insertion. but the thing is that i need to share two different urls to client so that the input for souces will be taken care by client . so something if i share the client url like

(taking forms url as example for site url with different source as url parameter)
https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?source=sourceA                          and for the other url as

by the above way we can see that by using paramter from the url , i can get the value to class and then use it to store different source value in back end. but the question is that how can i do this in sites ?  where i need to have only one site domain , may be two or one VF page can be used.