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Sandra KeppensSandra Keppens 

superbadge business administration specialist user creation (challenge 2)

I tried it all but i am keep on getting the same error over and over again.
who can help me out?User-added image
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NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sandra,

Please follow the below steps to complete the challenge.

Now, let’s get those users created. In the end, the new user should have the Roles, Profiles, Locales, Languages as specified in the picture below.  Don’t forget that in order to be able to manage Campaigns, Lincoln Ulrich needs to be a Marketing User.
User-added image Also Shinje needs access to the Language Preference field on Account object. A simple Permission Set called Bilingual Pilot will do. I’m including a screenshot for your reference. Don’t forget to assign it to Shinje after you create it.
User-added image Good stuff!!! Check the challenge and let’s continue to Challenge 3 of the Business Administration Specialist Super badge.

Hope this helps.

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