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ashok sfdcashok sfdc 

what is difference between salesforce classic and lightning?

Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Ashok,

My point is the User Interface.

The below links will give more information:

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Hi Ashok,

If you are looking for why Lightning rather than difference between classic and lightning, then in one line : Lightning got better looks and is responsive :-P . To elaborate further:
  • The UI of Lightning is speciafically designed to keep it simple and yet more informative for the users. 
  • Its is more client centric i.e. it aims to keep the client processing and server processing seperated as max as possible.
  • Takes full advantage of javascript which makes it more dynamic and flexible.
  • Offcourse for Lightning developers, its a lerning curve but it is worth.
For more, information you can refer to the links mentioned in above post or just google, there are tons of articles. If you have specific question or doubts related to ightning feel free to ask.

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Shane J. HayesShane J. Hayes
See everything @dev_arya said.  Nailed it right on the head.
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