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Sagar MauryaSagar Maurya 

Issue with salesforce console app in lightning experience

I have a issue with salesforce classic console app in lightning experience. When we are trying to run salesforce console in lightning experience, the account list view page is converted to lightning experience and once we open any account record it opens in classic view. Now when we hover on the related list link on top of the detail page and try to open the record by hovering over the link it does not open in another tab. What it does is, it opens in a seperate iframe inside the parent's iframe. We want related record from hover related list link to open in a tab, instead of opening in different iframes.
Can anyone help me with this or anyone has come across this type of issue? Or is this limition of salesforce?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sagar,

The behavior doesn't seem to be directly stated on the article below, but it does look like a limitation of the Classic Console within Lightning Experience. 
Have you tried Lightning Console instead?  Hope this helps.

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