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how to create custom side bar components in custom vf page

i want to develop custom vf page with some side bar components.How to create a sidebar components ?like below 

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Aman MalikAman Malik
You can't embed visualforce directly to sidebar. Instead you can add vf via Home page html component. To do this
  • Goto Setup> Home > Home Page Components.
  • Scroll down and click 'New' in the Custom components section.
  • Give a name for the component and make sure you select the 'HTML Area' drop down.
  • In the next page select 'Narrow (Left) column' and also check the box which says 'Show HTML'
  • In the HTML area box type the following.
    &lt;iframe src="/apex/<Your VF Page Name>" width="100%" height="200">&lt;/iframe&gt;
  • Save it and then add this component to your side bar by editing the Home Page Layout.
  • Setup > Home > Home Page Layout.
  • Edit your default home page layout and Select your component which you just created.
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it works. But i am asking about in custom visualforce page i want build some functionalities and those fuctionalities show in the side bar of same cusctom vf page like below but it is custom page

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