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Sarah Cliff 3Sarah Cliff 3 

Create button to add multiple junction records at once

Hi all,

I'm not very familiar with SF and I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. 

I've created a junction object to link my opportunities to multiple assets. I'm looking for a way to create a button (and a visualforce page) that will allow me to add multiple junction records at once, just like how opportunity products/line items works. It would be AMAZING if I could also limit the results brought up by being able to filter by location (account type), client (account type) or any other criteria. 

I found a few answers here but one was a trigger script for after a bulk upload and I wasn't sure how to adapt that.

Thanks for any help!

Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur
You can achieve this via using a custom VF page. But, you won't be getting the whole code here from anyone(if that's what you're looking for). Apart from this, YES this functionality is possible. 

Kamal Thakur