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Validation on RichText is not working

Requirement: If the richText field is edited, throw error.
One vallidation rule: ISCHANGED( RichText__c )
This rule is throwing error all the time, even if you do not edit RichText field.

Any suggestions on how to achieve the requirement with out of box functionality?

Salesforce DeveloperSalesforce Developer
No, this shouldn't be happening, check if you have any trigger in the background which is updating the value of the RichText__c
Satish PrajapatSatish Prajapat
Hi Ishwar,
Please confirm it error occured because of Validation rule.??(for that deactivate validation rule)
if yes, then we should work on validation rule.
if not, then problem is somewhere else.

Enjoy Developent. :-)
I am sure this is about validation rule only. If I deactivate it, record gets saved properly. For now, its already deactivated. But, there has to be a check as I mentioned earlier. Please try in your dev boxes and let me know if it works. Thank you!