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Shane J. HayesShane J. Hayes 

Trailhead Challenge Validation Failing (Error AULRKINT)

I am working on the Business Specialist superbadge and all of the sudden Trailhead can't talk to the playground.  The was a BRAND NEW org specifically for this superbadge.  The only changes to the org have been the changes required by the badge.  See below error.

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: AULRKINT
Shane J. HayesShane J. Hayes
ON subesquent attempts I also see error:  HJVZUBZZ and JISZNCWQ
Arpit Jain7Arpit Jain7
I believe you can write to trailhead@salesforce.com and some one from the suport team will help with more specific details related to error.