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John GerhardJohn Gerhard 

Lightning Notification Everytime a Page Loads

I am working on transitioning my org to lightning, so I am working in one of my sandboxes and everytime I load a page I get a show notifications pop up allow/block. I have tried going into chrome settings and allowing the domain, of course clicking the allow button, the block button, and even block the domain. No matter what I do I get this pop-up every single time a page loads, it is not role/profile/user specific either. Here is a screenshot of the pop-up as well. How do I make this thing go away? I did turn off notifications in the setup menu as well, that did not work.
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James DoughertyJames Dougherty
Still driving me nuts.
I was having the same issue, this worked for me:

Click on your profile image (in the upper right)  then navigate to Settings > Calendar & Reminders > Activity Reminders. 

I unchecked all of the reminder settings and the message stopped popping up.  After re-checking all of the boxes, the reminders still aren't showing up so I think you just need to toggle any checkbox.

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James DoughertyJames Dougherty
It turns out part of my problem was that Chrome was locked down by IT administrators.  So allowing chrome notifications locally was being undone by admin settings.   I logged an internal ticket - this was resolved by allowing me to manage those few chrome settings and allowing Salesforce domains.