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Barbara EricksonBarbara Erickson 

Going through the Chatter in Trailhead, there is no "Allison Wheeler" in the playground for the approval processes

In the Specify Entry Criteria section, set up the criteria the record must meet to kick off this approval process.
In our example, we want Allison Wheeler to approve any accounts that she doesn’t own, so we enter these criteria on the first line.
Field: Account: Account Owner
Operator: not equal to
Value: Allison Wheeler
In the Select Approver section, assign all approval requests to Allison Wheeler.
Select Automatically assign to approver(s).

I get the error; "you must enter a value" for Allison.  What's wrong?
Select User, and, in the second field, enter Allison Wheeler.
Sara Hubner 7Sara Hubner 7
I have the same problem!
David Worral 2David Worral 2
Allison Wheeler is not a user in the Trailhead database however she is sited as a User to select to learn Account Approvals.
1) Is there a way to import her (and others) with permissions already set?
2) Is there another database we should be using?
3) Can we import more sample data?
Bryan PhilipsBryan Philips
I ended creating an admin user with that name so that I could save the Account Approval Process. Did that work for you?
Thomas HThomas H
Where is the world is Allison Wheeler ? ))      IDEAS ??

I don't  believe that i see/ or have an option to set her up as an Admin User ? 

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Janice MatthiesJanice Matthies
I was able to set up an Allison Wheeler with allison.wheeler12345@test12345.com email, username and nickname [without the @test12345.com].
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Eric Holland-WatersonEric Holland-Waterson
I'm having the same problem - Salesforce? Respond, please.
Manuel WillertManuel Willert
same same... please give us a solution.
Todd Elkins 8Todd Elkins 8
Hey All,
It appears that setting up Allison Wheeler is described in the Build a Discount Approval Process badge.