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Steven HoughtalenSteven Houghtalen 

When creating a package, how to minimize all the dependent components that get pulled in.

I am trying to create a package of 6 objects and their fields to share with another organzation.  These 6 objects are just but a few that I have developed.  When I create the package, it sucks in dozens of other objects, views, etc.  Really, I just want the objects and their fields. It looks like you can add more components but there is no way to delete say objects nor the fields in the 6 objects that caused them to be sucked in. 

Additionally, I have apex classes but did not specify that I wanted them as part package, however, when I try to upload, it says it is missing apex test classes. 

I thought this should be a simple task but it is turning into an entanglement nightmare.  

Is there a simple approach to achieve what I am trying to accomplish?   Thanks.