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How to cover Wrapper class

public with sharing class AccountListWrapper {
   public with sharing class DisplayAccountRecords {
        @AuraEnabled public Id AccountId { get; set; }
        @AuraEnabled public Account AccountRecord { get; set; }
        @AuraEnabled public Boolean IsSelected { get; set; }
        @AuraEnabled public String AccountConfig { get; set; }
        @AuraEnabled public String strGUID {get;set;}
        public DisplayAccountRecords(){
               IsSelected = false;

Thanks in Advance... 
Best Answer chosen by shambavi
hi sambavi
use below test class for 100% code coverage
public class testSample123 {

    private static testMethod void testmethod1(){
       AccountListWrapper.DisplayAccountRecords testName = new AccountListWrapper.DisplayAccountRecords(); 
           id tempId = testName.AccountId;
           Account TestAccountRecord  = testName.AccountRecord;
           Boolean TestIsSelected = testName.IsSelected ;
           String TestAccountConfig = testName.AccountConfig;
           String strGUID = testName.strGUID;
i hope it helps you.
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