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Dylan SmithDylan Smith 

Business Administration Specialist Superbadge challenge 3

If anyone gets this error message: "The dashboard configuration that allows users to see only their own data is incorrect"...
error message

The solution is to check The Dashboard Viewer radio button in the dashboard settings--in the "View Dashboard As" section.
Ok Thanks
Dawn OliveiraDawn Oliveira
When I try to switch mine to "The dashboard viewer" I get the following error upon save: "You've reached the limit for dashboards run as the logged in user". It seems to do this for even 1 dashboards set this way. Did you run into this @dylan smith?
Dylan SmithDylan Smith
Sorry, Dawn, I haven't seen this, but I'm not a seasoned SF user. Maybe the solutions lies in Salesforce Classic--editing each of your other dashboards to be viewed by you instead of "logged-in user" (radio button under "vew dashboard as..." drop-down in upper right corner)? Best of luck.