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Amit GoyalAmit Goyal 

Syntax error. Missing ')' in sfdx push

I am getting Syntax error.  Missing ')' and Parent entity failed to deploy error because of that I am not able to push my project to scratch org.
Anyone has some idea.

Thanks in advance.
Ramakrishna Reddy GouniRamakrishna Reddy Gouni
i faced same problem earlier, i solved like this

will get line number at error point. just comment all system.debug statements all above of that line.  what ever you printing in system.debug. that is raising error, thats why second parantsis( ") ") is not reading. 

Amit GoyalAmit Goyal
Hi Ramakrishna,

My issue is related to SFDX when i am pushing the SFDX Project to Scratch Org.
Getting "Syntax error.  Missing ')' " error, no file_name is mentioned with this.
and after that "Parent entity failed to deploy".
Let me know if you have some idea about this.

Thanks in advance.