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validation rule for allowing only characters not even space

Hi i want to create a validation rule for the text field, that not allowing anything except 'a to z'
and i have written like this:
NOT(REGEX(Full_Name__c ,"[a-zA-Z]"))
but the field have not taken the characrs too. why?do you guys have any explination please .
and can anybody shrae me the right expresson for it .Note: to allow only characters (a to z)not even Space.
Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi

Try out using regex.
Below example to avoid numeric and special characters:

NOT(REGEX( FIELD NAME,"^[a-z  A-Z]*$")))

use below rule for avoid numeric, special char and spaces:
NOT ( REGEX ( Name__c,"[a-zA-Z]*" ))

i hope it helps you.
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Tank you
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