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Geetham Gai GodavarthiGeetham Gai Godavarthi 

Approval Process Field Update

Hi All,
I am having a Teacher Object with fields(Email,Phone,Name) and all those records are retrived in VisualForce Page with an edit button added manullay. Now, if any record field is edited then an approval process must run and after an approval the respective record field must be updated.

Is this Possible by Standard Feature of approval process or do i need to have a custom approval process if so please help me with the code
Thanks in Advance 
Amol ChAmol Ch
Hi Geetham

You can create a standard approval process based on your criteria. Approval process will not automaticallyt execute, you either need to click on sumbit button for appproval or you can setup the process builder to call approval process automatically based on your criteria.

If you setup the approval process and called it from process builder then, If you edit the record from VF page or standard layout and If criteria is matched then approval process will fire.

In same approval process you can update the field after approval as per your requirment.

==>To prevent recursion of executing process builder and approval process:
  • create a checkbox field on the object you're working with, which would serve as a flag to prevent recursion and the approval process from firing again. You should be able to do something like this:
  • Create a new checkbox field (let's call it Approval Flag)
  • In the approval process, add a step upon submission to check the Approval Flag field to TRUE
  • Update your process builder criteria to look at the Approval Flag field. Add the logic of Approval Flag = FALSE in addition to your other logic to kick off the flow.
Let me know if it helps for you.
Geetham Gai GodavarthiGeetham Gai Godavarthi

Hi Amol,
Thanks For your Reply, The problem which i'm facing is the record is not being locked i.e the record field is being updated immediately doesn't matter about approve or reject by the approver. please help on this.