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Esther Thacker 6Esther Thacker 6 

Lead Conversion Error: Inactive User

I am trying to convert a Lead, but it is coming up with this error. When I have gotten the error in the past I was able to resolve it pretty easily because it was due to an inactive user that was tied to the account and all I had to do was change the user to someone who was active.
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But this time, when I looked up the user Id that was inactive that was tied to the account it was the user that created the Lead. I can't, according to my knowledge, change who it was that created the Lead. So why is it erroring? Am I missing something and it's actually something else that is causing this conversion problem? What should I do if it is the inactive user that is causing the error since I can't change who created the Lead?


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Esther Thacker 6Esther Thacker 6
Apparently this is salesforce's solution. I guess it will have to do...