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How to add 3 conditions to a Formula field

Hi Everyone,

I have the formula field below which works great. Basically if Account_Number__c contains '-1' it will populate ShippingStreet, else, BillingStreet.
IF(  CONTAINS(Account_Number__c , "-1") , ShippingStreet , BillingStreet)

Now, I want to add default address field so a third condition. So what I'm looking for is if Account_Number__c contains '-1' populate ShippingStreet, else, Billing​Street, if Billing Street is blank populate ShippingStreet.
Jake BackuesJake Backues
IF(  CONTAINS(Account_Number__c , "-1") , ShippingStreet , IF( ISBLANK(BillingStreet), "new default value", BillingStreet ) )
Maharajan CMaharajan C
IF( CONTAINS(Account_Number__c , "-1") , ShippingStreet , IF( ISBLANK(BillingStreet), ShippingStreet, BillingStreet ) )

Choose the best answer which one helps to you!!!
sridhar sivaramansridhar sivaraman
IF( CONTAINS(Account_Number__c , "-1") , ShippingStreet , BLANKVALUE(BillingStreet, ShippingStreet))
Hi Everyone, sorry for the delay. I'll get around to testing the recomended changes and will mark best answer earliest correct answer.