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Rick UptonRick Upton 

Napili SelfRegister page doesn't appear to be using CommunitiesSelfRegController Apex class

I am working on an org that has an old VF + Tabs community along with a customized CommunitiesSelfRegController Apex class for self registration. In the Administration workspace, the default self-registration page is specified and the Account field is blank. This Apex class has been customized so that the account that the new user is associated with is determined by the email address the new user registered with.  I created a new Napili template community that uses the default self registration page, and this default page looks just like the old VF +Tabs community default self registration page. When I use the default page with the Napili community, it is able to use the same customized CommunitiesSelfRegController Apex class for self registration successfully. However, when I change the new Napili template community to use the Community Builder Page SelfRegister, I get an email sent to me indicating that the account is not specified. So, it appears that the customized CommunitiesSelfRegController Apex class is no longer being used since that code specifies which account to use. Do you have any ideas abuot how to get the SelfReg page to use the customized CommunitiesSelfRegController Apex class to get the account for the user?