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valérian meninvalérian menin 

Change my Trial from "Professional Edition" to "Developer Edition"


I just began to use Salesforce. And I realised I have a "Professional Edition" as my trial offer. I would like to change it for a "Developer Edition". How to do so ? My goal is to connect my org to with the API (Illuminated Cloud).
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Valerian,

I think there is no option to change the edition of our SF account.#

But contact the salesforce support and confirm that.

refer this link.
One solution is there, you can create new developer edition org. Move all the configuration records class pages from Professional edition org. 

Then you can start working from here.

Note: You can use the same email address for any number of accounts.  You can't use the same username.  If you want to use the username you've set up in your trial, then change the trial username to something else (like your@emailaddress.com.trial.

Then you can use the original username which you have used for your professional edition with the new Developer Edition.

Hope this helps.

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Roman DobzhanskiyRoman Dobzhanskiy
Hi Nagendra,

How we can move all settings from Trial org (Enterprise Edition) to Dev Edition?
Jessie ChaiJessie Chai
Who knows  from "Professional Edition" to "Developer Edition" decided by  which field we fill in . thanks