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Visualforce display on all items in related list

I have a Visualforce page that I need to display summary data of objects within a parent. As part of the Child object, there is an activity object. That Activity object might include:

I am required to create an output that shows how many TOTAL hours, each object did. I am required to show, each activity even if there were no hours related to that related list entry. So if the parent object had no hours related to 'Recreating' for instance, I need to show on the display '0' hours. I've tried doing this with a SOQL statement, but it keeps telling me that Activity__c is not valid. I'm trying a 'Select Name from Activity__c' to drive a second SOQL Statement that then goes against the parent oject which in this case is 'Requests' in the form of something like 'Select hours__c from Requests__c where Actvity__c=:Activity__c.id' or something like that. .

I understand why this may not be possible, but I want to know if I am missing something.

Thanks for your time in regards to this!

- Eric Anderson -